Sports Dood is a series of mobile and desktop applications focused at allowing players/coaches/kids/parents to exchange sports tactics in the form of images and animations.  To view a list of all sports covered by Sports Dood in the Android market, please click HERE.  Also available is our FREE Windows app with video capabilities, visit the download page for the link.  Please watch the overview video below and scroll down for a list of common features.  Please donate to help support development.


Dood apps are must have application for people involved in sports at all levels.  A great clipboard tool, it allows users to touch and move players around on a play area and then layer on doodles and text.  A series of recorded player positions build out a keyframe animation that can be saved or shared.   Can be used on phone or tablet, buy once!

Paid features
– no ads


– quick play area transitions or use multitouch to position play area
– move players, add pylons, refs and balls/pucks etc.
– save/share images & animations
– add text and move it around
– various doodles such as arrow line / dotted or dashed line

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